Colmar and Kaysersberg in Alsace


After spending a day at Strasbourg, we decided to step out to explore the region, visiting the beautiful towns of Colmar and Kaysersberg. Getting to Colmar was easy, as there were frequent trains and it was only a short half-hour journey from Strasbourg. There, we found out that Kaysersberg was a short bus ride away, […]

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Christmas Markets of Strasbourg


I love christmas markets – they are truly a magical window into a centuries old tradition. The lights, the joyous decorations, the hot mulled wine – and most importantly the unmissable festive feeling in the air, there’s not a lot I can’t like about them! If you’d like to visit one of the oldest Christmas […]

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Visiting Montpellier & Avignon in Southern France

As you go further down south in France, the cities seem to become less French. Southern France touches Spain and Italy, and their influence on the local music, customs, architecture, and colors create truly hybrid ‘European’ cities. These are really, in a sense the ‘United States of Europe’, without the binding federal unity of America. We visited […]

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Visiting Bordeaux and St Emilion

Last month, we stayed with a couple of friends in the beautiful city of Bordeaux. We had been in France for more than a year, and it was getting quite scandalous to have not seen firsthand the (French) wine capital of the world. In a way, this was our most relaxed short-vacation, as we didn’t […]

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Light-soaked visions of the Impressionist painters

The impressionists.. ..left us the marvellous, light-soaked shimmering visions of landscape that never seem to dim in their brilliance. “Then there was an entire very beautiful period (I don’t say this because I myself was painting) but all the artists I then knew were truly artists, they were serious and did admirable things which have remained admirable. It […]

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