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Northern Lights | 4 – a day trip to Narvik, in Norway


Abisko is so far up north and west that a mere hour and a half on a fairly slow moving train gets you over the border into Narvik, a beautiful port town in Norway. We found out later that this area is home to some of the most scenic fjords of Norway, the Ofotfjord, surrounded […]

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Northern Lights | 3 – Dog Sledding, and finally seeing some Auroras

Northern lights at Abisko

This is part 3 of the Northern Lights series. Here is Part 1 – Getting to Stockholm and 2 – Towards Abisko in Sweden and 4 – Day trip to Narvik in Norway Dog sledding in the arctic T, the host who helps runs the affairs of the hostel had given everyone clear instructions to be up and […]

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Northern Lights | 2 – Towards Abisko in Sweden


This is part 2 of the Northern Lights series. Here is Part 1 – Getting to Stockholm and Part 3 – Dog Sledding, and finally seeing some Auroras 4 – Day trip to Narvik in Norway It took us a good long while on a train and bus to get to the airport in Stockholm from our B&B. […]

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The Northern Lights – I – Getting to Stockholm


Ever dreamed of seeing the magical Northern Lights stretched out across the skies in their full splendor? Who hasn’t?! I had seen pictures from a friend’s  trip northward, and of course – it totally fired up my imagination. Uday started scouting good viewing locations. Iceland, Finland, even Scotland – everywhere we looked, we had only […]

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